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Ben Lipka

When I originally joined North Star News, I exclusively wrote claim-evidence-warrant essays. Through a year and a half of exploring journalism, I have learned how to efficiently deliver a set amount of information in a brief...

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Samuel Gwamaka Mwakasisi

Ever since I was a child, writing was always a gift of mine. I was consistently prolific in the creative aspects of my English classes, and I’ve used the creation of stories as a vessel for my young, bustling mind to this...

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Arooba Lodhi

Prior to becoming a reporter for North Star News, I had a passion for engaging in discussions with my peers about controversial topics and then composing analyses of these conversations. I had the drive to ask the tough...

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Lucas Nolte

My career as a journalist began when I enrolled in Mr. Mormolstein’s journalism class as a freshman…unintentionally. I had not meant to take the class, and I was originally not interested in what the class had to...

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Hamid Ahmadi

As I slowly realize that America is falling into a deep, dark pool of despair, I have decided to not only pay more attention to the presidential election, but also to voice my opinion about the burden that’s about to hit...

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