After a successful week, “Tbay” is coming to a close, but it is not too late to bid on the amazing items at stake.

Tbay is an annual auction hosted by Dance Marathon in which students and faculty alike bid on items donated by Niles North teachers and staff.

Proceeds from Tbay go towards this year’s School Chest beneficiary, CROSO (Child Restoration Outreach Support Organization). CROSO is dedicated to funding scholarships for Ugandan street children to continue on to college.

Some of the items available to bid on in tBay 2014 include but are not limited to: a kayaking session with Ms. Ingraham, extra tickets to graduation, a yoga session with Ms. Benjamin, reduced price parking permits, baked goods, various gift cards, frisbee lessons with Mr. Toy, and items relating to prom like a gift certificate for a prom hairdo and an entire Prom package from Dr. McTague.

Bidding will take continue to take place Friday, April 11 periods 3-7 outside of the East cafeteria. Bidding will officially close Friday, April 11 at 3:45pm in the front lobby.

See you there Vikings, and don’t get outbid at the last second!