A moment in time: Auditions

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Seniors, with eight bitter sweet weeks left of high school, it’s time to reflect on the experiences, friendships and triumphs you’ve had here at Niles North. Four years ago we walked through the front doors ready for a new beginning, hoping that each step we took around this place would bring us closer to finding [...]


How to become an eggspert at Easter egg dyeing

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There will be no need for assistance from the easter bunny this Easter. With this tutorial, you will learn 5 creative yet simple ways to decorate your eggs. Before starting to dye your eggs, they should be hardboiled. Once they have been hardboiled, allow them to cool down. Dying can get very messy and can [...]


Get going, generation: Government and politics

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After taking AP U.S. history last year, I decided to skip the stress of more IDs and all-nighters by not taking AP Euro as a senior. Instead, because I wanted to take a social studies elective, I chose to enroll in government and politics. My dad had always taught me to keep up with current [...]


Girls soccer kicks off to a great start

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The Niles North girls soccer team has gotten off to a great start for the 2014 season. The team is 4-2-1 (four wins, two losses, and one tie) going into tonight’s game against rival Niles West. Coach Paul Elkins is very proud of his team’s success thus far, saying, “From last season to this season, [...]

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