Author: Bella Levavi

Soup at Six: A new outlook on soup kitchens

Soup at Six, located in Evanston, presents a new take on how soup kitchens run. Soup at Six was started in 1983 by a group of six people operating out of the basement of a church on Clark Street north of Main. Relying on donations for its funding, the volunteers who run the kitchen work diligently every Tuesday to feed all who are in need. However, this soup kitchen has something special that sets it apart from its competitors in Evanston. Erica Hall, the woman who runs the kitchen, is a retired chef from Belize. First thing every Tuesday...

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A big hug for suburban Chicago high school immigrants

The 1982 Supreme Court decision Plyler v. Doe states that no school  can require any student to show citizenship documentation and is required provide an education regardless of a person’s immigration status. Niles North provides protection for undocumented students in our community. We provide advisory pamphlets on how to address ICE raids and brought the ACLU to explain how to survive in this precarious time. Niles North provided this support in response to January 27, 2017 executive order temporarily banning people from seven Muslim countries.  Sharing this information was intended to reduce fear in the immigrant community in Skokie....

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Chicago’s Iconic Parkitect: Ernest Wong

“The commonality that all great cities have are its public spaces” said Ernest Wong. Wong, of Site Design Group, designs innovative and creative parks across Chicago. He follows in the footsteps of his dad who was an architect trained by Mies Van de Rohe of Bauhaus and founder of the architecture school at IIT. These parks are in such diverse locations as Streeterville, the West Loop, the Near West Side, Belmont-Cragin, Chinatown, and Bridgeport. His parks are enjoyed and loved by the rich and the poor, and by Hispanic, Black, Asian, and White Chicagoans. Each of Wong’s parks employs recurring themes to create unique environments....

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Roasters of the north side serve the perfect cup

While Chicago is well known for its Deep dish pizza, its eponymous hot dogs, and the Blues, one thing many are unaware of is its great locally roasted coffee. I visited some of the best coffee roasters on the north side of Chicago to check out the scene. Here are four of my top picks that coffee aficionados and amateurs should know about. Metric 2021 W. Fulton St. Right in the center of the Kinzie Industrial District is a new coffee roasting business. While mostly a supplier, Metric now has a small cafe in the front of their roasting operations....

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A eulogy for Club Penguin

Club Penguin, the multiplayer website that has defined the childhood of many students at Niles North, is finally being shut down after 12 years of activity. Many, including myself, started their internet career on the fantastical world of Club Penguin. You could dress up your penguin, decorate your igloo, and even take care of your pet puffles. This exciting virtual world included playing games in order to earn coins, having snowball fights with other penguins, and throwing parties in your igloo. Some Niles North students shared their stories of their beloved childhood game. “It’s tragic that Club Penguin is shutting...

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