Often, the photographer is cursed to create beautiful imagery and gain little recognition as all others see is the end product. However, Ihab Hachami has not fallen victim to that fate, as his enthusiasm paired with an ebullient personality has brought him into focus in the eye of the school.

Hachami is now a senior at Niles North High School. During all of his free periods he can be seen roaming the North Star room, which is his second home within the walls of Niles North. The North Star News broadcasting division would not be the same if not for Hachami’s involvement.

“I am the producer of broadcasting, meaning I oversee everyone’s work. I also collaborate with the other supervisors to create premium content,” Hachami said.

However, when Hachami is not creating premium content, he is by no means idle. Hachami has been a member of Niles North Boys Swimming for four years. He has dedicated a large portion of every year of his high school experience to the pool. In addition, Hachami recently joined the North Star News online division and is building journalism skills beyond video making. He is the head photographer, giving him another outlet to flex his skills.

Although his involvement in Niles North activities consists of only North Star and swimming at the moment, Hachami has large aspirations moving ahead.

“I want to get involved in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) club this year. It’s a medicine competition for future health professionals and it’s something that really interests me,” Hachami said.

Hachami may be in his final year at Niles North, but for another nine months his presence will continue to impact the Niles North community greatly through not only his dedication to North Star shown on the morning announcements and his efforts within the swimming team, but through his contagious, bubbly personality that he carries daily.