Over the course of winter break, I was desperate to find enjoyment. Needless to say, I was at the point where I would sit outside and watch the cars troll by. I texted my friend asking her what should I do with my life. She recommended to watch a show called  One Tree Hill. From the sound of it seemed really boring and repulsive, so I decided not to watch it. Then two days later, I was desperate to turn on Netflix and actually watched the show. At the first moment I fell in love One Tree Hill. Everyday for 17 hours and 23 minutes, I would watch the episodes with a passion.

One Tree Hill is a show about two half brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, whose high school lives revolve around three love interests: Peyton Sawyer, Brook Davis, and Haley James. The course of the show encounters drama, trust, betrayal, and most importantly love. The first four seasons of the show teaches that people can make mistakes and that we must learn from them to be the adults we want to be. Seasons 5-9 are their lives as adults and their children as well as new characters who get involved in love triangles.

Each episode was a unique description of the value of life. What I learned from the show is that life does not have to be perfect -it just has to be lived. The power of friendship in each episode reminds me of  the importance of friends and their during times of struggle. The show also taught me to keep going forward because there is so much to find in life and the dark days help us become the people we are today.

The most important and best part of the show is the theme song, I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw. I soon found myself looking forward to the theme song in every episode.

My favorite character would have to Brook Davis because throughout the show she changed the most. In high school, Brook was an obnoxious and repulsive cheerleader who wanted to take advantage of everyone. She wanted to date every guy and wanted to be the ultimate queen. As the show progresses, Brook learns that she wants to be someone who helps others and makes a difference. She starts her own fashion line, Clothes Over Bros because she believes dreams can come true and that anyone can accomplish them. In Season 5, Brook changes tremendously: she realizes that life isn’t all about boys and popularity, she cares for her family, and she eventually adopts to have a family of her own. Despite going through so much tragedy, such as being haressed by a stalker, drowning to save a child, and even losing her unborn child, Brook ends the show still standing and becomes an inspiring symbol of bravery.

I recommend everybody watch One Tree Hill because not only will you learn how important love and trust is, you will most importantly learn how to deal with real life issues and how to keep moving forward no matter the obstacle.

From dealing with crazy psychos to dealing with the meaning of love, One Tree Hill is a show you do not want to miss. Luckily, you can catch it on Netflix.