Backlot Bash: Dunk your teacher for School Chest

Dance Marathon’s dunk tank fundraiser will return to the Backlot Bash, allowing students to dunk their teachers. The DM dunk tank will be open Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m..

Students will be able to dunk multiple different teachers. Dr. Ryan Mctague, principal, Tina Helms and Gary Chu, math teachers, Cheryl Filipek, fine arts teacher, Lisa Dunham, applied science teacher, Stephanie Persaud, English teacher, Omar Salem, special education teacher, and Josef Neumayor and Guillermo Lupi, world languages teachers, will be dunked on Saturday. On Sunday, students can dunk Caroline Benjamin, director of student activities, Ankur Joshi and Crystal Penn, math teachers, and Ivan Silverberg, English teacher and NorthStarNews coordinator.

“All proceeds benefit School Chest and this year’s charity: CROSO, a great organization,” Pankaj Sharma, a teacher and sponsor of Dance Marathon, said. “It raises awareness and money for a great cause. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.”

There are also other activities to enjoy at the village’s annual festival: carnival rides, food, games, a classic car show, the Backlot Dash 5k, silent films at the Skokie Theatre, dance and music performances, bingo, and more.

Performances will include the chicago-based sounds of The Steepwater Band, late-70’s 2-tone ska band The English Beat, returning guests Tributosaurus, recreating the sounds of Kool and the Gang, and many other talented musicians. Additionally, the Skokie Public Library will have a stage with dance acts, yoga, a magic show, and more.

The event will be enjoyable and will also help DM raise money for this year’s charity.


Author: Darby Aanerud

Darby Lane Aanerud is currently a senior at Niles North High School. This is her second year of North Star, taking on the role of Editor-In-Chief this year. She is also North Star's social media manager. Her favorite subjects in school are History and English. She enjoys blogging, discovering new music, and going to concerts in her spare time.

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    Great story, Darby. Looking forward to getting dunked.

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