Not a Liar!
Didn’t make it up!
I really thought I was, but maybe, just maybe,

I’m not.

I’m just a guy who thought he was asexual,
But now I don’t think that I’m actually asexual.
I don’t know what I am anymore.

I said I was aromantic,
But now I’m getting frantic.
Can’t go back;
No, I can’t go back on what I said I was.

I feel comfortable with who I am.
But I’m uncomfortable with who I said I am.

Goddammit! I want love!
So dammit! Give me love!
Someone! Make me comfortable with who I’ve come to be.
Someone who will understand why I want them with me.

I never expected this turn of events,
Never thought I’d crave romance,
But deeper than my darkest secrets,
Stranger than my wildest dreams…
I want a guy beside me.